30th March 2010
Exhibition title:  … unsaid
Artists involved: Majena Mafe, Judy Ann Moule, Mela Fitzgibbon
Gallery: White Canvas Space Gallery

Something interesting ‘sounded out’ from the valley – an exhibition that’ll curl your toes. 
An exhibition by the feminist collaborative team Majena Mafe, Judy Ann Moule and Mela Fitzgibbon featuring their take on saying ‘… the unsaid’, opens at White Canvas Space Gallery on Saturday the 8th May at 6-30.  This show is shrill and these three artists seem to revel in the sound of it. Featuring a variety of works from a selection of fine embroideries featuring French revolution tools of torture by Mela Fitzgibbon, to a massive abacus with accompanying sound of calculation by Judy Ann Moule, to a very noisy video piece that  converses with itself by Majena Mafe – these girls say the unsaid very poignantly and with a touch of the disturbed.
The unsaid is a form of tension artistically but also culturally and socially especially around issues that are termed gendered specific … what ever that means.  This show creates a new frame of reference for speaking out and up and over the hurdles that is silence, silence of the material of art and of all matter… in a playful and thought provoking way.
Mafe, a digital sound and video artist, is presently doing a PhD at QUT on sound in language and has been exhibiting for over 30 years - her works have been shown nationally and internationally most recently in London; Moule, with 19 years of exhibition experience, also doing a Research Masters (QUT) works with hair and teeth as she focuses on body and memory phenomenologically, and Fitzgibbon works widely with feminist issues often engaging traditional domestic techniques of embroidery to readdress holes in the matrix of women’s lives.. especially the unsaid.

by Majena Mafe